DIY Window Trim

We've been in our new house for about a year and a half and we're finally getting some projects done and I'm so excited to show you the progress we've made!  None of our windows have window trim and that was one of the first things I wanted to work on because I knew it was going to make a huge difference.  Here's what our window looked like before.  

DIY Kitchen Island Plans

About a year and a half ago, my husband and I were sitting in front of a nice lady who was showing us all the upgrades we could add to the house we were building.  One of those expensive upgrades was a kitchen island.  I desperately wanted one but when we heard the cost we both got this panicked look in our eyes and shrugged our shoulders and decided we could build our own island when the time was right.  Fast forward a year and my parents decided to renovate their kitchen and get rid of all their old cabinets.  They graciously let us have their cast offs and we were so excited!
Those cabinets have been sitting in the middle of my kitchen and they may look dirty and sad right now but I know they're going to be beautiful when we are done with them.  Here's the low down on what we plan to do.

Dollar Spot Hack-Easter Egg Tree

I don't know about you, but I'm addicted to the Target Dollar Spot.  Every time I walk into Target that dang Dollar Spot sucks me in and I spend 15-20 minutes going through the bins.  Their Easter decor did not disappoint this year.  One of my Easter finds was this little Easter Egg tree.  It reminded me of an Easter egg tree that my mom used to have when we were kids.  I thought it looked a little sparse, but I bought it anyway thinking I could spruce it up a bit.

Watercolor Vegetables Printable

This warmer weather we've been having has made my heart so happy!  I wasn't made for cold weather so when spring finally arrives I'm like Julie Andrews singing and carefree spinning all over the place.  I'm so honored to be a part of this Spring printable blog hop and I'm so grateful to Kristen from Ella Claire Inspired for including me!

He is Risen, As He Said Printable

I love Blog Hops!  Thank you so much for joining me on this tour of free Easter printables!  I always a feel a little insecure being grouped with these amazing ladies!  Thank you to Kristen from Ella Claire Inspired for including me in this round up!  

I hate winter so when it finally starts warming up, it's happy dance time over here.  I'm beyond excited that Easter is only a few weeks away!  Who doesn't like watching their kids hunt for eggs and stuffing their face with giant chocolate bunnies, right?! 

DIY Name Sign

As soon as we moved into our new house and I started thinking about how I wanted to decorate the girls' room, I had a vision of having their names above their beds.  I finally got around to getting it done and I'm loving how it has turned out!

My Favorite Free Fonts

When I figured out that you can download fonts for FREE to your computer, I was hooked!  I collect fonts like some people collect rocks or stamps.  I feel like Ariel swimming around singing "I want MORE!"  I'm always on the lookout for cute new fonts to add to my collection!

DIY Heart Banner

I have a fun little craft to share with you today!  I usually don't do any decorating for Valentine's Day but this year I decided to throw together something quick and easy.  It doesn't get any easier than this little banner and it didn't cost me anything! 

How To Do Your Own Baby Photo Shoot

Let me start off by saying I am not a photographer.  I have a nice camera (a Nikon D3200) but I'm really just learning to use it.  I've had no photography classes or training.  I've read one book that I definitely recommend called The Ultimate Photography Book for Bloggers by Anko Levai but other than that I'm just stumbling along and picking things up along the way.  I feel confident enough to share this post with you despite my lack of photography know-how because I'm willing to bet that there are moms out there just like me that want to take a few good looking pictures of their kids without spending a bunch of money on a photographer.  My baby just turned one and I wanted to take pictures of her to frame and put up on the wall, but money is tight and I just didn't have it in me to pay a photographer.   Well, here's how I did my very own baby photo shoot, by myself, in my house, with a three year old running around at the same time.

DIY 5 Minute Wreath

 Don't you love wreaths?  I want like 20 of them throughout my house.  I think every room needs a little bit of greenery and wreaths are so popular now.  They're not just on front doors these days.  They are on coat racks, mirrors, chalkboards, mantles, and window frames.  I love it!  Some wreaths can get really pricey though and I want to show you how I made these easy wreath in about 5 minutes!  All you need is a wreath and some fake greenery.  I got my wreath and greenery at Hobby Lobby (my favorite store).  I went when the wreath and the greenery were 50% off! If you don't know about Hobby Lobby, everything in the store goes on sale in a rotation.  If the wreaths aren't on sale one week, check the next week and they might be on sale!  Plus if you google "Hobby Lobby Coupon" there is a 40% off one item coupon that you can use every time you go!  OK enough about that... let's make this wreath!

Princess Valentines

I grew up a little Disney obsessed.  My sisters and I knew all the movies by heart.  We sang all the songs and we wore plastic tiaras and clopped around in dress up heels.  Disney princesses have a special place in my heart.  I know there is no shortage of Disney princess valentines out there but this is my version.  My simple, imperfect tribute to each of the princesses that I love.  

Lucy's Room and "I am a Child of God" Sign

I've wanted to work on my Lucy's room for a long time and I've finally made some progress that I want to share with you!  First, we got Lucy a new bed!  And by "new" I mean new for us.  I wonder how old it really is.  When I saw it on craigslist I was so excited.  Can you believe I scored this beautiful antique bed for $35?!  It pays off to be obsessive with your craigslist searches I guess.

My Word of the Year and My Top Posts of 2016

Sometimes putting away Christmas can be depressing. Winter feels like it will last forever without Christmas to cheer it up a bit.  This year I was so ready to put away my Christmas.  Down went the tree, ornaments, lights, and garland and I didn't even feel sad.  I'm so not a winter girl but I like January because it always feels like a fresh start, like anything can happen.

You might have seen other bloggers talk about their "word" for the new year.  Basically you pick one word that describes what you want to focus on in the new year or what will inspire you.  Last year I decided my word was "NEW".  Why?  Well we had just moved into our NEW house, had our brand NEW baby, got a NEW car, started getting to know our NEW neighbors and church members...etc.  You get the idea.  I've seen so many people gripe about 2016 but it was really good to my little family.  I'm so excited for this year though because unlike last year when we were really just settling in and taking our first wobbly steps as new homeowners, this year I really want to make some progress.  The word I've chosen for 2016 is "GROWTH". I want to grow as a mother.  I want to teach and laugh and play and inspire.  I want to really breathe in each precious second I get to spend with my babies. I want to grow as a wife.  Be there for him, listen to him, understand him better than I ever have.  I want to grow as a blogger/Etsy shop owner.  If you're a blogger than you know that blogging is HARD.  It is so easy to get sucked into the whirlpool of comparing yourself to those bloggers you want to be like and feeling yourself sink lower and lower until you don't even want to try anymore.  This is a daily struggle for me.  Sometimes my inner voice can be a real jerk and I can't tell you how many times I considered throwing in the towel.  I keep going because this is what inspires me and makes me truly happy.  To go totally cheesy on you... my heart is totally in-sync with Hillary Swank in P.S. I Love You when she says "My business is to create."  My little blog might not be making much money or be as beautiful as the bloggers I obsessively follow but it's my own little piece of the internet and each year I get better.