Florida Room Style Board

I'm not a winter girl so in a perfect world I would live in a place that was never cold and was just a walk away from the ocean.  I'll probably never live in such a place but it is fun to decorate and bring a beachy feel to my Idaho home.   I was recently inspired by Douglas Elliman's Florida Real estate team to share my ideas for their Florida Room Style Board challenge.   A "Florida Room" is a room that is like a sunroom or screen room that is protected from the elements but feels like Florida all year long.

I went to my favorite stores to look for inspiration and found this amazing patio set and black and white rug at Target.  Then I added a lot of green because I wanted the room to feel tropical.  I think the best way to add interest to a room is to add some plants.  I've been dying to get a fiddle leaf like this one and I love this palm plant too.  I also added some gorgeous faux gladiolus flowers to keep on the little table and I would love to add hanging planters to add even more plants to the space.

Throw pillows are a fun way to switch up your room without spending a bunch of money.  I almost always look at H&M.com to look for pillow covers because they have such a great variety and you can't beat the price.  I added this basic green pillow from H&M and  I also found this cute banana leaf and lumbar pillow at Target.

I added a bar cart because I love the idea of sitting in this Florida room and drinking sweet strawberry lemonade or mango smoothies.  I love this acrylic pitcher and the detail on these glasses from World Market.

Finally, I added this Agave painting from World Market to add some more green and really bring together the space.  I hope you found some inspiration for creating your own Florida room! 


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