America the Beautiful Free Printable

It's in the air, can you feel it?!  The smell of backyard barbecues and sunscreen, the taste of fresh pineapple, the feel of cool grass on your feet... guys, this is my favorite time of year!  The very beginning of summer when long lazy summer days stretch out in front of me and seem endless and I feel the anticipation of all the adventures we'll have!  Memorial day weekend is really when it hits me that summer is finally here!

I thought it would be great to have something I could hang up in my house to decorate for Memorial day that I can also keep up until the 4th of July.  I decided to write out the lyrics to "America the Beautiful" because I love the poetry of the words.


I think it's also been nice to have this little daily reminder of how much I love my beautiful country and how blessed I am to live here. 

This print is a 20 x 30 that I printed at Costco for $10.  If you don't have a Costco membership, you could also print it at Staples as a black and white Engineer print for just a couple bucks.  Just print it as a 24 x 36 and trim it down to the size you want!  You can download it HERE.  

I hope you have a fun Memorial Day weekend!! Let the summer festivities begin!

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  1. I love this! How beautiful, the message, your handwriting, the way you have it displayed! I am left-handed and I couldn't write like this in a million years. Writing in a straight line is not within my realm. Thank you for sharing your creativity and patriotism. Happy Memorial Day!