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Vet Pretend Play Printable

I love to listen to my kids pretend play!  They've been playing with their doctor stuff a lot lately so I decided to make them a fun printable so that they could play veterinarians!  


Crocodile Birthday Party

 My girl turned 5 on Saturday!  My funny girl wanted a crocodile birthday party and it's been my favorite party to plan yet!  

Rainbow Birthday Party

My little caboose baby turned one this last weekend!  I really love planning my kids birthday parties and  I've known for a while now that I wanted to have a rainbow birthday for my baby.  I love how it turned out!

2021 Goals Printable

I love celebrating the new year!  I love making goals and resolutions.  Everything feels possible!  I wanted to create a cute print to keep track of my goals and I wanted to share it with all of you! 

Gingerboard Houses


Gingerbread houses are a favorite tradition at our house, but if I'm honest, they are often more frustrating than fun to put together.  I usually cant get the frosting to stick, the walls to stay up, or the candy to stay on.  Last year, I gave up on the frosting and got out the hot glue gun to keep it from falling apart.  This year was so much easier, and more fun, because we used Gingerboard House kits from Ginger and Lime Design.  Each kit comes with 5 cute, easy to assemble, cardboard houses to put together.