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Let's Play Print

I've been wanting to change up the playroom a bit.  Does anyone else feel like it's so hard to find a pretty way to store toys?!  Anyway, I saw a really cute print that said "Let's Play" and I wanted to make my own version.  I wanted to share how I did this because you could do this with any size print or canvas!

Monster Valentines

It's Valentine's day!!  I love Valentine's Day and celebrating all my loves!  I love to create my own valentines and this year is extra special because my oldest is in Kindergarten and got to bring her valentines to school for the first time!  I decided to do little love monster valentines this year!

Swan Lake Birthday

I love throwing parties for my girls.  My little Leila turned 3 this year and she loves her little ballet class so I decided to throw her a Swan Lake birthday party.  It turned out so cute!

My Favorite Posts from 2018

This year went by so fast!  Do you ever get to New Years Eve and feel like you didn't do any of the things you thought you'd get done in the year??  I've been looking back on my blog posts in 2018 and I didn't get everything done I wanted to but I did have some fun posts this year!  These are my favorite posts from 2018!

Christmas tags 2018

We are only days away from Christmas now!  Can you believe it?!  Every year I love to make my own Christmas tags to go with my gifts.  I love the way they turned out this year!