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DIY Gingerbread House

Yay!! It's officially December!  I started decorating in the middle of November but I keep adding little things here and there.  I've wanted a little gingerbread house for a while now and I've been brainstorming how to put one together.  I considered building one, but than I thought, what if I used a bird house?!

Upbra Review

I don't usually do product reviews but when I try out something I like I'd like to share it with you guys.  I hate bra shopping.  I usually end up in a dressing room with a pile of bras that don't fit me right and I have to awkwardly tell the dressing room lady that I need another size.  Upbra, on the other hand, was a really positive experience for me.  All I did was click what I wanted and it showed up at my door.

Nutcracker Printable

Hey there!  Thank you for stopping by my blog on your tour of free Christmas Printables and Vignettes!  Thank you Kristen from Ella Claire Inspired for putting this together!  If this is you first time here, my name is Emmie and I love to share my crafty projects and my drawings and free prints.  This year I wanted to draw the Nutcracker characters for Christmas.

 If you're unfamiliar with The Nutcracker, the story is about a young girl named Clara who wakes up at midnight on Christmas Eve to find that she has shrunk down to the size of her beloved toy soldier Nutcracker.  The Nutcracker has come to life to save her from the Mouse King.  The Nutcracker defeats the Mouse King and turns into a handsome prince and takes Clara to a magical land ruled by the beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy.  

DIY Pumpkin Patch Sign

 My heart says that it's time to decorate for Christmas but my husband has forbidden me from getting out my tree yet, so I guess I'll hold onto my pumpkins a little bit longer.  I made this fun pumpkin patch sign and I thought I'd show you how I put it together.

My Favorite Spooky Movies

I'm the only one in my family that likes to watch scary movies.  I almost always have to sleep with the bathroom light on after but I love the thrill of it when I'm watching.  I have a few favorites that I watch over and over.  I'm a little picky about the scary movies I like though.  I hate gore and I don't care for guys in masks that chase people.  What I really love are ghost stories.  I like movies that make the hair on your neck stand up but doesn't make you watch somebody stick needles in their eyes or saw off a foot.  I like spooky movies that make you think.  I like scary movies that keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time but then it feels lighter at the end and almost happy.  These are my all time favorite scary movies.