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What to Buy Before Disneyland

My family LOVES Disney so we take our Disneyland trips quite seriously.  It has been so much fun sharing this magical place with my littles.  I picked up a few things for cheap to bring with us to Disneyland that ended up saving us money and it made our trip so amazing!

Baby Succulent Baby Shower

I just cohosted a baby shower for my beautiful cousin and I thought I would share what I did with you.  I was browsing Pinterest and I thought that baby succulents as gift favors for a baby shower was such a cute idea so I decided to do my own version.

Mermaid Birthday Party

I love to put together parties for my girls and I was so excited to do a mermaid theme birthday for my oldest this year!  I love all things mermaid and I loved that mermaid things were very easy to find.

Father's Day Card

It's June!  That means summer and sunshine and BBQs and Father's Day!  My dad and my husband both love their dirt bikes and I thought I'd put together a card just for them and share it with you too!

Amazon Pillow Covers

**this post contains affiliate links**

I love cute throw pillows but I don't like spending money on them.  I like to buy cute pillowcases and then wait till the pillow inserts are on sale at Hobby Lobby.  I found some really cute ones on Amazon that are less than $10 that I wanted to share with you!