Under the Sea Birthday

 My oldest baby is 8!  She wanted an "under the sea" birthday theme this year!  We had so much fun planning her party! 

We used construction paper for most of her table decorations.  I reused the grass construction paper from my daughter's crocodile party (see it HERE) for this party.  I googled tropical fish silhouettes and cut them out on construction paper to make the cute fish banner. 

I did the same thing and googled reef silhouettes and cut it out on construction paper.  I went to Zurchers expecting to find lots of ocean type plates and napkins but I only found pirate plates and Hawaiian luau type plates.  We decided to use blue plates instead and we found these cute sea shell napkins to go with it.

I made some jellyfish out of some colored balloons by cutting out tissue paper in a spiral and taping it underneath the balloons.  They looked really cute inside but we had our party at the pool and they ended up getting tangled in the wind.  If you're doing your party inside this was a fun and easy decor item but if you're going to be outside I'd say save your sanity haha! 

I decided to order her cake this time instead of trying to do it myself and it turned out so cute.  We wanted a blue ocean Oreo cake with graham cracker sand on the top and bottom.  I have this cute ocean creatures mold from the Pampered Chef and we melted chocolate in it to make the sea shells and little creatures.  This was probably Lucy's favorite part of our party planning. 

It's not a party without party favors! We filled the bags with fishy crackers, bubbles, little ocean animals, and blue confetti paper.  I also highly recommend getting a bubble machine!  It was about $10 at Walmart and the kids loved chasing the bubbles and it was so fun to have the bubbles going while we sang Happy Birthday!

I will say this about Zurchers though.  They have a great piñata selection!  We had a few different fish options to choose from and we thought this fish was the cutest and it was only $12!

I hope I gave you some inspiration for your own ocean birthday! 
Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

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