Vet Pretend Play Printable

I love to listen to my kids pretend play!  They've been playing with their doctor stuff a lot lately so I decided to make them a fun printable so that they could play veterinarians!  


We just did little things to make our pretend play more fun!  We didn't have doctor coats but my husband had long sleeve white shirts that worked great once we rolled the sleeves up!

We used baskets from around the house for the animal cages.  We have plenty of stuffed animals to contain!

They loved playing with the printable I gave them.  I laminated it so that they could use dry erase markers and use it over and over again! 

I didn't get a picture but this sheet was also good practice for my second grader to use a ruler and measure her animals!

I love to see my kids excited to play pretend and I'm so glad I could make something to help them do that.  If you'd like to print out my vet report printable you can find it HERE.  Thanks so much for stopping by! 


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