DIY Kitchen Island Plans

About a year and a half ago, my husband and I were sitting in front of a nice lady who was showing us all the upgrades we could add to the house we were building.  One of those expensive upgrades was a kitchen island.  I desperately wanted one but when we heard the cost we both got this panicked look in our eyes and shrugged our shoulders and decided we could build our own island when the time was right.  Fast forward a year and my parents decided to renovate their kitchen and get rid of all their old cabinets.  They graciously let us have their cast offs and we were so excited!
Those cabinets have been sitting in the middle of my kitchen and they may look dirty and sad right now but I know they're going to be beautiful when we are done with them.  Here's the low down on what we plan to do.

First I'm going to paint the cabinets white.  I picked this Behr Ultra Pure White paint that is also a primer.  I've never painted cabinets before so I'll let you know how it goes.  I want to trade the hardware for these Bronze Knobs and Bronze Pulls.  For the front of the island I want to do something like what Cami did from Tidbits (if you're not already following her, she's amazing!).  I like the planked shiplap look and I want to add Corbels like these ones I found at Lowes.  The top of the island is what we are trying to figure out.  I'd really like butcher block but not sure how that's going to work right now.  I like this Butcher Block counter top from IKEA but it's not wide enough to have an overhang for our island.  We are considering white granite but I'm thinking it'll be out of our price range and I had my heart set on butcher block.  If you have any advice or suggestions for me, I'd love to hear it!!

And because everyone loves before and after photos, here's the ugly before...

 We've got some work to do but I'm so excited to get started!  Stay tuned and I'll share the updates!  Thanks for following along friends!