DIY Gingerbread House

Yay!! It's officially December!  I started decorating in the middle of November but I keep adding little things here and there.  I've wanted a little gingerbread house for a while now and I've been brainstorming how to put one together.  I considered building one, but than I thought, what if I used a bird house?!

I picked up this little birdhouse at Hobby Lobby for $6 (It would be even less if you used that 40% off one item coupon that you should be using every time you shop there).

Then I stained it with Minwax Early American wood stain and let it sit overnight.

Then I used white chalk to outline what I wanted my gingerbread house to look like. 

Then I used a paint pen (also at Hobby Lobby for $4) to draw on my "frosting".  That's it!   I added these little trees from the Target dollar spot.  I already had the wood stain so this project cost me about $10 and it's something that won't crumble or break apart and I can get it out every year!

I can't decide if I want to keep the little birdhouse pegs or if I want to saw them off.  What do you think?  I hope you liked my fun little DIY project for Christmas.  Thanks for stopping by!   Merry Christmas!!


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