My New Gigantic Clock

I'm leaving for camping in the morning but I wanted to share this quick story about my brand new GIGANTIC CLOCK!!

 So I had my heart set on a black clock with white numbers.  I had found different ones I considered but they were either out of my price range or just not exactly what I was looking for.  I had my eye on one at Tai Pan that was a good price but I couldn't decide if I really wanted it or not.  I went to Tai Pan specifically to get the clock but when I saw it again I didn't put it in my cart and decided to just wander with my mom for a bit.

 We strolled over to the clearance section and we saw this big beautiful clock for 50% off!!  It had been marked down because the hands were stuck.  This clock was everything I'd hoped for!

 I decided to get it even though it was nonreturnable because I had faith that my handy husband could fix it and I was right!  It makes me so happy!

So moral of the story is... don't settle for something you know you don't love because something better will come along!


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