French Herb Botanical Print

 I've got so many projects that I want to work on right now that it's almost hard to focus on one and get it done.  I did finally get this one done and I'm so excited about how it turned out.  I love pictures of herbs and plants and I knew I wanted to create my own version for my living room.

I browsed through the public domain digital collections on the New York Public Library website and found these pictures that I loved.  These plants are from an old french botanical book from 1774!  I used Photoshop to combine several pages of plants into one print and I wrote the title of each plant below (I don't know french so I just copied how it was written in the book).

I had my husband grab me four paint stir sticks from Home Depot and then I stained them and hot glued some magnets to them and tied it with some twine.  It was such an easy and cheap way to hang such a big print.  I created this print to be 20x30 (only $10 at Costco!) so if you do anything other than that you might run into resolution issues.

And because I love sharing what I make with you, you can download it HERE.  Hope you love it as much as I do! I'd love for you to follow along with me!  Find me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.


  1. Oh my heavens, thank you so much for sharing your talent and time making French herbs poster. It is incredible and so are you. Can bet I love it as much as you do.
    Have always wanted something like this but didn't have any idea
    how to make it, am terribly digitally challenged. You did such wonderful job.
    I will be having Office depot print it out for me, love how you "framed" it, have been doing something similar to how you did it as I run out of frames.
    There are so many great Fall printables will be able to change them out weekly if not daily. Again thank you so much. Enjoy rest of week and upcoming weekend

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