Pixie Dust Tag

I've always been a sucker for the Peter Pan story.  My Lucy doesn't quite appreciate the real Peter Pan story yet but she does watch the Tinkerbell movies and Jake and the Neverland Pirates (anyone else with me?!) so she knows all about pixie dust.  I'm working on her nursery (see my inspiration board HERE) and I've got one wall done and I thought a little bottle of pixie dust would look so cute up on the shelf with her collage of pictures.

 I got the little bottle from the Target dollar spot one time and I just filled it with gold glitter.  I didn't need very much because I got the inside sides of the bottle a little wet so that the 'dust' would stick to the sides and make it look full.

Just print off one of my tags and tie it on with some string and you're good to go!  I did a whole page of tags because I thought it was silly to just put one little tag on a whole page.  Besides, you never know what you might need a bunch of tags for.

Print them HERE.

Just a little faith, trust, and ...you know ;) 

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