Feathers and Teepee Birthday Party

My baby turned three this week!  I love to put together birthday parties for her.  This year I decided to do a "tribal" theme because I wanted to make her a teepee for her birthday!  Ok, so I had planned to make it for Christmas and that didn't happen, but I did get it out and finish it which makes me pretty proud of myself.  I started searching Pinterest for ideas and then went to my Hobby Lobby for party supplies.

I found these brightly colored feathers at Hobby Lobby and used thread to wrap them on toothpicks to stick in the cupcakes.    

We also did little berry cups with whipped cream and I found these cute chevron wooden spoons at Hobby Lobby.

  I found this cute banner at the Target dollar spot.  I was so excited that it matched my feathers so perfectly!

 Here's my teepee.  I'm just learning to sew so this was quite the accomplishment for me.  I slaved away on that thing forever but seeing her smile made it all worth it. :)

 We couldn't have a teepee and feathers party without some face paint!  The kids were thrilled when I got the paint out.  What kid doesn't like their face painted?  I also put some feathers in their hair with some bobby pins but they didn't last long. Hard to keep feathers in your hair when you're busy running around. 

I made this cute headband for Lucy with some leather string, feathers, and thread.  All I did was cut three long strands of leather at different lengths, braid it and leave the ends, and use thread to wrap the feathers on the ends.  I just tied it in a knot to fit around her head.  She didn't want to wear for it very long but I got some cute pictures with it.  Maybe one day she'll appreciate all the hard work haha.

Happy Birthday my Lucy!  I'd love for you to follow along with me!  Find me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.


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