Free Printable Reward Chart

Parenting is hard!  My husband and I were struggling with discipline with our kids and nothing seemed to be working.  The hardest part of the day was bedtime.  My girls would not stay in their beds!  We finally decided to try something new and I made these simple reward charts.  

They are so excited now to put a sticker on their charts!  It has made bedtime so much easier because I remind them that they get a sticker if they stay in their beds and then they have something to look forward to in the morning! We should have been doing this ages ago!

I made nine circles and one star circle on each row so that when they fill nine circles they get a reward on the 10th circle!  We've decided to let them pick their reward.  For their first reward they decided they wanted to play with their kindles for a couple hours.  We also came up with ice cream, park play date, and going to the zoo as future reward ideas!

If you like my reward chart you can print one for yourself HERE.  My girls ended up coloring their charts to make them more their own!  I hope my simple reward chart makes parenting just a tiny bit easier for you too!  Thanks for stopping by!