Frozen Birthday Party

I love to put together birthday parties for my girls.  The Frozen 2 soundtrack has been blasting for weeks at our house so we just had to do a Frozen themed birthday party! 

She looked so cute in her Elsa dress and the crown we made!  I printed out the Frozen Princess crown template from First Palette HERE and then traced it on silver glitter paper I found at Hobby Lobby and added some jewel stickers from Walmart.

I did the silver glittery crown for the birthday girl and blue foam paper for all our girl guests.  I found the blue foam sheets at Hobby Lobby.  One sheet made two crowns.  

Are your kids Kool Aid drinkers?  I never drank it as a kid but my husband did all the time.  I had no idea I needed to add sugar to it until my husband told me!   My kids loved the sugary drink and I thought the color was so pretty and perfect for the party.  

We did mint chocolate chip ice cream sundaes. I found these cute blue cups at Hobby Lobby. 

I love to make balloon garlands for parties!  They are cheap to put together and make such a fun backdrop.  It's much easier to put them together with balloon garland tape (like this one HERE).  I couldn't find mine so I took a needle and thread and strung them together through the balloon tails.  I got the balloons at Walmart and just got a package of white, blue, and turquoise balloons.  The whole balloon garland cost me about $6.  

This was such a fun party to put together and my girl loved it!  I love when a party doesn't need to be expensive to be magical! Thanks for stopping by! 

Party Supplies 

glitter paper- Hobby Lobby 

foam sheet- Hobby Lobby 

jewel stickers- Walmart 

blue cups- Hobby Lobby

blue polka dot straws- Walmart 

white, blue, and turquoise balloons- Walmart