Free Hot Chocolate Printable

I do not like winter.  It's ok when it's Christmas time and there are Christmas lights and a new blanket of snow looks magical, but as soon as Christmas is over I curse when I see snow in the forecast.  I hate being cold.  There are only a few good things about winter like wearing my boots and cute sweaters and getting cozy in my blanket with some hot chocolate.  

 I made this cute hot chocolate printable to go with a hot chocolate bar or just your winter d├ęcor.  I think it's hard to decorate for winter once Christmas is over.  I mostly just want to pretend it's spring.

How do you like your hot chocolate?  I love whipped cream, marshmallows, and a little peppermint. 

It'll be spring soon right?  If you need me, I'll be hibernating for the next couple months.  Thanks for stopping by friends! 

You can print it HERE. 



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