DIY Window Trim

We've been in our new house for about a year and a half and we're finally getting some projects done and I'm so excited to show you the progress we've made!  None of our windows have window trim and that was one of the first things I wanted to work on because I knew it was going to make a huge difference.  Here's what our window looked like before.  

I loved what Lauren from Blesser House did to their windows and so we followed her instructions to do our own.  Check out her tutorial HERE.  The thing I didn't realize before we started is that when you're working with wood you're going to have imperfections.  We tried to pick good boards but there are still little notches and things in the wood that are unavoidable and one of the boards was slightly bowed.  I'm the kind of person that likes things a little shabby and rustic so it didn't bother me but if you want perfect trim, you might want to go a different route. 

We painted the boards and the inside of the window with Behr Ultra Pure White.  It's the brightest white they had with no undertones which is exactly what I wanted for that pop of white.  I love the huge contrast the trim makes against the wall! 

We have had these hand-me-down couches for the five years that we've been married but a couple weeks ago we bought our very first NEW couches.  They make me so happy every time I walk in the room!  I wanted to work on our living room first because it really is the heart of our home and I'm loving how it is coming together. 

Next I want to get some cabinets hung in my laundry room and work on our DIY kitchen island.  I shared my plans for our island HERE.  Thanks for following along friends! 


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