Miss to Mrs Bridal Shower

I can't believe my baby sister is getting married!  We are 7 years apart, so growing up she was always my mini me, my partner in crime, my go-to girl.  This week we threw together a bridal shower for her.  It was mostly ladies from church so we made it ultra classy and clean (no panties at this party ;) )

On our front table we had pictures of the bride and groom along with a glass jar filled with little soaps from World Market for our party favors.  I put together this cute little tag and we tied it on with some twine.  If you like my tag you can print one for yourself HERE.  

 For our buffet table, we served sodas, waters, and Izze sodas.  I'm in love with those Izze's!  They are so good and so cute!

My mom found these pretty flowers.  Flowers at a bridal shower are a must!

We kept our guests happy with fruit, a veggie tray, and a collection of desserts.  Lemon bars, mini cinnamon rolls, cinnamon bread, and chocolate eclairs, oh my!  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of those eclairs, but they were fantastic!

Next, we played a little game that I put together.  I took the game I found at Play Party Plan and added to it and changed it up a bit and made my own game.  It is a list of clues for romance movie titles.  Some of the ladies were romance movie experts so they breezed right through it.  If you'd like to try it out, you can print the game HERE. The second page is the answer sheet so make sure you click "print current page" when you print out multiples of the game. I put two on a page so there was less printing out.

As they were filling out their game, I passed around this date jar and a bunch of Popsicle sticks and sharpies and told them to write a creative date on one of the sticks.  For the jar I found a pretty knob at Hobby Lobby and had my husband drill a hole in the top and stick it in.  He looked at me funny when I told him, but I think it makes a cute little handle.  Also, if you like my date night tag, you can print it off HERE.  We also passed around a recipe book and told them to find a recipe and to sign their name and also any advice or comment they had for the bride in the margins.

We had such a good time celebrating my bride-to-be sister!  Now for some Bachelorette Party planning!   If you're not already, I'd love for you to follow along with me!  Find me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.   Peace out friends!

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