Double Double Free Printable

I'm a little crazy for Halloween.  I look forward to it all year. I can't wait to get out my Halloween decor and plan my kids costumes!   I put together this printable last year for Kristen at Ella Claire Inspired and now that Halloween is once again on it's way... I thought I'd share it here too!

Did you read Macbeth?  I was an English major and I'll admit that I never read it but I've always meant to. I love spooky stories!   Maybe one of these days when my babies are napping I can squeeze it in!  Does anyone else feel like being a mom has liquefied their brain?  I feel like I'm losing brain cells all the time!

Halloween is in the air and I can't wait!

This print is an 8x10. You can download and print it HERE. 

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