our baby story (part 1)

Pregnancy is not what I expected at all!  I was pretty naive about the whole thing.  Chase and I had been talking about having a baby but still had doubts.  In August we decided to go off birth control and as soon as I did I started to get more and more excited.  I probably took five different pregnancy tests in September and got more and more disappointed each time it came back negative.  On October 5th (yes i still know the day) the test came back positive!  I was jumping up and down (yeah, literally) and Chase had a panic look on his face.  It's been five months and it still seems weird sometimes that there is a little being inside of me.

My naiveness about the whole pregnancy thing was about the nausea... sure, I'd heard my mom talk about how she'd throw up all the time when she was pregnant but I was not prepared for the real thing (and mine isn't even kinda as bad as my mom's was!)... From October to the end of December I felt terrible.  Some days I could not even get out of bed.  I wanted to cry when I woke up and I wanted  to cry again when I went to bed.  I was starting to think that Mother's day is completely under celebrated... i'm thinking moms should get parades and cake and confetti! (and i'm not even at the labor point yet! yikes!)

But aside from all the yuckiness that went along with being pregnant... there's been some miraculousness too.  By the end of December I began to feel the first kicks.  Suddenly pregnancy became a little easier.  I was reminded that all the time i spent staring into the toilet was not for nothing.  By about the second week of January I started to feel a little like my old self again.  I had more energy and I didn't feel like puking all the time.  I still can't stand very long without feeling sick and I get migraines but it is a blessing compared to what it was before...

Today has been the most exciting/rewarding day yet!  Today was my ultrasound!  I've been counting down days like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.  I could hardly sleep last night because I was so nervous/excited!  It was so incredible to see baby on the screen.  The little feet were kicking around and the little mouth was sucking.  Everything became so real in that moment.  To see that sweet little face and to know that it was mine and it was inside of me.
 this one is the profile

 Here's between the legs
 This is the face (it's hard to see)
 another profile pic
 the little hand
 3D pictures of the face and hand
 the little foot

And of course... no good celebration is good without cupcakes

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  1. So fun! I am so excited for you guys! Being a mom is the BEST! And if it is any comfort to you: I had a fairly easy pregnancy, but a really long and difficult labor (30 hours... bleck!) and I would STILL go through labor 10 times over for our little girl! I would rather go through labor again than be pregnant! Ha! It will all be worth it in the end - glad to see you're able to enjoy it a little now! Congratulations again!