A very fun September

I can't believe how fast this month has gone.  Doesn't seem very long ago that we were moving in and now we've been here a whole month.  I guess it helps that Chase and I have both been busy with our school work.  I only have till November to get it done.  I guess the Smith procrastination curse caught up with me.  I should be taking my first test either this week or the next.  I am so not a math person but i'm getting it done.  Chase will be starting another class soon.  He's doing well and creating websites and whatnot.  All the "over my head stuff" comes so easy to him. 

The best part of the month was the weekend Lily and Hannah came to visit for the Women's Fitness Celebration.  If you haven't been or heard of Women's Fitness you're seriously missing out.  It's a 5k walk (or you can run if you're crazy like that) and it's a great excuse to get all the women in your life together to dance around and have a good time.  Seriously, try it.  You'll be glad you did.
Smith Girls
love these girls!

We also saw Les Miserables that weekend, which was spectacular by the way!  I still like Wicked the very best but Les Mis is a very close 2nd.  Couldn't get Chase to go but Lily's new boyfriend came. It was nice to meet him and get to know him. 


It was also Isabelle's 17th birthday (say what?!) that weekend..  We went to Cafe Ole' and embarrassed her.  Those sombrero's are awesome!

We went to Bella's high school football game to cheer on Brenden Elwood and to hang out with my parents and the Elwoods.  It's still weird to go back to my high school and think about how much different I was then (I probably like to think I've changed more than I have). Besides, anything is fun to watch when you have a plate of nachos.  Cheesy contentment!

getting him to smile is like pulling teeth i swear!

Sorry Dad, I couldn't help it.  that face is priceless!

This last weekend was Homecoming for Bella.  She looked so cute in her little black dress and Marilyn Monroe hairstyle. 

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  1. I was at my parents house when that second fire was going on! It was CRAZY scary! And the people living on the other side of the burnt house have smoke damage so bad that there house isn't even liveable! Sad! Prayers going out to them!