Flamingo Birthday Party

My sweet girl is 7!  We love to do themed birthdays and this year she wanted a flamingo party! We had hoped to have our party at the lake but the weather decided to be cold and windy so we went to the park instead!

I'm not a baker by any means but her cake did turn out pretty cute despite its many imperfections.  I made the flamingo head with construction paper and glitter paper from Hobby Lobby!  To make the wings I melted white chocolate chips and added red food coloring and then spread it on aluminum foil and put it in the freezer till it was time to put on the cake.  I shouldn't have put so many wing pieces on because it did make the cake fall apart after 20 or so minutes! haha!  I think next year I will just buy a cake and keep my sanity! 

We added little drink umbrellas (from Zurchers) to the cupcakes and it was so cute!  It's all in the details right?!

A few days before the party, the girls and I had a good time cutting out the leaves and flowers that we spread all over the table.

My mom brought the kids these cute animal masks from Zurchers!  Our little zoo was the cutest! 

We made little treat bags for the kids with fishy crackers, gummy snacks, and sunglasses (Zurchers). 

I hope that one day she'll look back and love that we did these party things together! Happy Birthday my sweet girl! 

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