Baby Succulent Baby Shower

I just cohosted a baby shower for my beautiful cousin and I thought I would share what I did with you.  I was browsing Pinterest and I thought that baby succulents as gift favors for a baby shower was such a cute idea so I decided to do my own version.

I found the baby succulents at Home Depot and made these tags to go on them and tied them with twine. I was going to get little pots to put them in but the tiniest pots at Walmart that I bought turned out to be too small.  Still, I think they turned out really cute.

It was fun to pick a wide variety of succulents for them to choose from.

My mom (my cohost) took over the food and it was so delicious!  We had these yummy Hawaiian sliders.  You can find the recipe HERE. 

She put together a Caprese Salad with tomatoes and mozzarella sprinkled with fresh basil and then drizzled in balsamic.

Our beverages were cucumber water and Izze sodas.  We also had mini quiches, a veggie tray, and a fruit salad.  

For dessert we had AMAZING sugar cookies from The Sweet Tooth Fairy that my cousin brought from Utah.  They may be the best cookies I've ever had!  We also had mini brownies and cheesecake. 

After we ate, we gathered everyone together and had everyone fill out an advice card and then share what they wrote.  If you like my advice cards you can print them HERE. 

We also had all the guests sign the mat of the succulent picture I printed out.

It was so fun to put this together for her! I hope she had as much fun as I did!  Can't wait till that baby gets here! 


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