12 Days of Christmas Printable

Last Christmas, I drew this printable and shared it on Ella Claire Inspired but never got around to posting it on my own blog.  My mom has these 12 Days of Christmas glasses that we use every year for our Christmas breakfast and I wanted to recreate the cute illustrations on the glasses into a printable that I can frame and add to my Christmas decor. 

I also plan to turn these cute drawings into ornaments so stay tuned if that's something you'd like to see!  

Are you one of those people that get out the Christmas stuff the morning after Halloween?  That's totally me.  I can't help it.  Thanksgiving is just pre-Christmas in my opinion!  Hope you like my little printable and it brings you a little bit of Christmas cheer this Thanksgiving ; ) 

You can print the 12 Days of Christmas Printable HERE.

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  2. Thanks Emmie! I am the Faith Formation Coordinator for a small parish in upstate NY and am putting together an Intergenerational Event in celebration of Advent. This year I want to incorporate the 12 Days of Christmas and this print will be perfect to designate the craft area for the Christmas Season!

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  4. Simpsonville starts off the Christmas season with a Christmas March.