Nursery Mood Board

I've been working on ideas for my girls' little nursery for a while now.  Right now I just have my toddler Lucy but pretty soon my little Leila will be big enough to share a room with her.  I really love the colors blush pink, grey, and white for their nursery.  I've compiled an inspiration board with fun things I want to add to their room.


I also included my absolute favorite nurseries/little girl's rooms.

Peter Rabbit Print & Spring Blog Hop

I am beyond excited to be a part of this Spring Blog Hop!  I'm having serious feelings of inadequacy being grouped together with these extremely talented ladies and their AMAZING blogs.  So thanks for visiting my little blog!

For my spring printable, I decided to make a blow up page of the Peter Rabbit story.  This little fairy tale has special meaning to me because my grandpa (Papa) used to read Peter Rabbit and other Beatrix Potter stories to me when I was a little girl.  I can still remember being curled up in his lap in his favorite chair while he read to me.  Now, I get to pass that love for these stories on to my daughters.  Peter Rabbit is one of Lucy's absolute favorites and we read it at least once a week

Free Printable Thank You Cards

I'm the worst when it comes to thank you cards.  I forget about it and deliver them way later than I should.  It's pretty embarrassing, actually.  Really, I'm a failure when it comes to sending thank you cards.  One thing that always slows me down is remembering to go out and buy the stupid cards.  Well, I just created my own that are free to download and print so if you're like me and need all the help you can get, this post is for you!