DIY Lace Crowns

Every princess needs a crown.  I saw these lace crowns on Pinterest and had to do it myself.  Now that I have two little princesses, I thought it would be the perfect photo prop for some newborn pictures.  I'm no professional photographer, but I've got to admit that I'm pretty excited about how these pictures turned out! I love how these crowns look and they were so easy to make!

All you'll need:
-lace decorative trim ribbon
-spray starch
-gold paint
-hot glue gun

 I got the ribbon at Hobby Lobby and the fabric spray starch (the kind that said "Heavy Starch") at the grocery store by the laundry detergent.  After I had wrapped the ribbon around my girls' heads and measured how big I wanted the crowns to be, I sprayed and drenched both sides of the ribbon with the starch.  I waited overnight for them to dry and then painted them with the gold paint.  While they were still wet, I sprinkled them with my magic gold glitter. WARNING: glitter does get everywhere and if you have a glitteraphobe like my husband, he will throw a fit about it.  I think he was terrified a gold sparkle was going to end up on his face and his coworkers would think he's secretly a cross dresser from Vegas.  I decided to press on despite his objections because I think the glitter really makes the crowns and besides every girl needs a little sparkle in her life.

Here's my new little Leila!  She's three weeks old.  I waited till she was dead asleep and took some pictures of her in her bassinet and on my bed.  I wanted to have a clean white background.

My Lucy looked so cute with hers too.

I was a little nervous about stepping back and letting Lucy hold Leila.  I did a lot of dropping the camera and rushing over to save her from sliding down.  It was a bit of a nightmare getting them both to stay still but I did get a couple gems out of the whole ordeal.

Love these two little princesses of mine.  I'd love for you to follow along with me!  Find me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  Thank you friends!


  1. Oh my goodness! Lucy and Leila are SO precious! I love the crown you made! xoxo

  2. Precious!! They are beautiful and those crown you made are just the best!

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  4. Lovely! I'll bet you're as lovely as your girls!

  5. How did you get the crowns to stand upright and still be circular?

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