Paper Roses

I love having flowers in the house but to be honest, I don't have them very often.  I hesitate about spending the money when they are only going to last a few days and I get paranoid that I will have bugs in the house.  I'll admit that I normally buy fake flowers.  I look for flowers that look real enough that you have to be up close to see that they are fake, but these can get pricey.  Well, I've got a great DIY project for you that gives you REALISTIC looking flowers for CHEEEEEEAAAPP!  My husband even said, "Wow, I thought you bought real flowers!" Which makes me quite happy inside :)

You'll need:
Dollar Store flowers (you could also use a stick or something from outside)
Scissors (not pictured..oops)
Crepe Paper (you can also get these at the Dollar Store-2 for a dollar) 
Hot Glue Gun

First, you'll need to cut out your petals.  I've seen other tutorials that say to cut petals in different sizes but I opted to just do them all the same.  After all, nap time is not that long... and my baby will be awake before I cut out perfect petals!  Each flower took about 10 petals to put together. 

Now that you have your petals, pinch the bottom and round the top with your thumb so that it looks like a real petal.

Add a small dab of hot glue to the bottom of the petal and stick it to the stem.  Use your scissors to press the petal against the stem so you don't burn your fingers.  Don't worry, we'll hide that ugly glue blob.

Now keep adding petals.  There are no rules, just apply where you think a petal is needed and keep going till you're happy.  Bend and open up your petals as you go.  Sometimes I would trim a few petals once I was done just so they all looked even. 

Once you get going, it'll go faster.  Just remember to use your scissors to press the petals to the stem.  It took me a couple blisters to figure out that one!  When you're done, find yourself a cute vase or jar and you're done! 

I added some rocks to my jar to hide the stem.

So nice to have flowers that won't die! :)

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