Picture Clipboard

Every year when my family goes camping, my dad brings a big bag of wood scraps to burn.  I'll admit that I went through the bag when no one was looking and saved a piece of wood or two from a fiery death.  I finally got around to turning this simple scrap of wood into a project.  My board is 7 1/2 x 10 1/2" which I thought was the perfect size for a 5x7 card or picture.  

First I stained it.  I was excited to do this project because I had never stained wood before. It made me nervous at first and I even had my hubby watch to make sure I was doing it right.   Now that I know how easy it is, I can't wait to do it again! I used Rust-Oleum American walnut and did three coats. You won't need to do so many coats if you start with a darker stain but I was working with what I had and I just kept applying coats until I was happy. Once the stain was dry I got out some black paint and a paper towel and just dabbed the paint along the edges and the sides to give it a little bit of character.

I got a couple of blank stares when I asked employees where I could find bulldog clips but finally found some at Walmart with the office supplies.  My plan was to get regular bulldog clips and screw them to the board but I found these bulldog clips with magnets and super glued it to the board instead.  That's right, no drilling skills required (which in my case is a good thing!)  


That's it! I love that it's so easy to change the picture!  Sometimes picture frames are easy to get undone and change out but I have a few that I have to pry open with my fingernails.  This little clipboard literally takes seconds to update.  I'm already thinking of new prints or pictures I can clip onto it.  Happy crafting!


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More than Cake Card

If you're like me, you hate to buy cards.  What usually happens is I'll stand in the card aisle staring at the plethora of cards till I think I'm going blind until FINALLY I find the perfect card.  It's cute, it's funny, it speaks to me.....and then I turn it over and look at the price tag.  YIKES.  I curse the card gods for torturing me, put back the card that must be made of gold, and go with a cheaper and not so perfect card.  Well, I'm going to save you all the drama of card buying and give you a FREE print that's perfect for birthdays or special occasions.  And you get double the points because it looks like you put real time and effort into this card when it really only took you 5 seconds to put together!  All you need to do is print it, cut it out, and glue it to card stock.  OR, just print it, cut it out and hole punch it and tie it with a ribbon or twine.  My mom used these cards to give with Valentines Day gifts for her neighbors. 

The PDF file comes with 4 cards, 2 chocolate and 2 strawberry cupcakes.   You can print them out for all your neighbors or use one and keep the others handy for the next time you need a card. 

 Print it HERE

Hope this helps you avoid the next cardastrophe! 

Originally posted as a guest post at Cherry Blossoms The Blog.