Christmas Banner

I'm so excited for Christmas!  I love to get out my Christmas decorations and bring some holiday cheer to our small apartment.  Banners are my new thing.  They are so fun to hang from my picture ledge!  I have a Halloween banner and I made my own Thanksgiving banner (see it HERE) so, I decided to complete the set and make a Christmas banner too!

For this project you'll need:


Paint (I used gold, silver, dark green, red, white, and black)


Sewing machine and brown thread (or you could hot glue it!)

 I cut my banner into different shapes.  For the longer ones I cut out pieces about 12 x 5 inches wide and then folded them in half.  The shorter ones are 10 x 5 inches wide.  The "T" is about 14 x 5 inches and then I cut the bottom into a dull point.  For the "C" and the "S" at the end,  I took a longer one and cut a small v shape out of the middle.

I started off by painting each of my squares white and then waiting for them to dry.  For the polka dots, I found this really awesome brush at Hobby Lobby that is already shaped like a polka dot.  The holly and the tree I drew myself and cut them out of card stock to create my stencils.  The snowflake and the damask were both Google searches that I printed on card stock.  Bebas Neue is the font I used for all the letters.  

When everything was dry, I got out the sewing machine and sewed the sides and the bottom of each square.  Don't sew the top or you'll have a hard time threading your twine through!

I thought it was a pretty fun project and now my apartment looks a little more Christmasy! :) Merry Christmas!

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