Lucy turns ONE

I still can't believe my baby is one!  What an incredible journey it's been!  I still remember the terror and excitement I felt when that second little pink line appeared on the pregnancy test.  I remember the agony of pregnancy and the joy when I finally saw that little face looking up at me.  Somehow I went from not knowing a thing about how to take care of a baby to being a mother of a one year old!  It has been amazing to watch her grow.  When we brought her home, she couldn't even hold her head up by herself.  Now she's a gibbering, eating, walking, waving, and pointing one year old who keeps me on my toes.  I still can't wait to wake up and see her face.  I thought I knew what happiness was before our little family became a family of three, but now I feel so complete and happy that I go to bed every night thanking God for my life and the people in it. 

I knew for several months that I wanted to do a red and white polka dot, "I love Lucy" themed party. It was nothing fancy, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Getting a picture of Lucy with her balloons was (as usual) easier said than done.

My sister Lily made a bunch of chocolate cupcakes and one giant cupcake for Lucy to destroy.  We even found napkins that said "1st Birthday" on them!

The birthday girl in her chair.  Bring on the cake!

(Ranger is her buddy.  He loves when she's eating because she always shares haha)

The cake desolation was what Chase was looking forward to most and she didn't disappoint! CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!

She was loving it! 

Such a sweet girl! Sharing her cake with Mama haha

We had our family and close friends over to celebrate and I was so excited that everyone could come!   I love these peeps and sharing this moment with them just made it that much better!

After the cake smashing was done, we sat back and relaxed and watched my Dad blow bubbles.  We were all very entertained!

Happy Birthday Lucy!!

In case you missed it :)

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