Gingerboard Houses


Gingerbread houses are a favorite tradition at our house, but if I'm honest, they are often more frustrating than fun to put together.  I usually cant get the frosting to stick, the walls to stay up, or the candy to stay on.  Last year, I gave up on the frosting and got out the hot glue gun to keep it from falling apart.  This year was so much easier, and more fun, because we used Gingerboard House kits from Ginger and Lime Design.  Each kit comes with 5 cute, easy to assemble, cardboard houses to put together.  

Each house comes with 4 pieces.  My seven year old was able to put it together herself.  The little notches make it easy to fit together and it's sturdy enough to load up with candy.

I could have used icing but it was more convenient and less messy to use glue instead.  Most of the candy stuck just fine with Elmer's glue and I only got out the hot glue gun for those pieces that refused to stick.  

We turned on Christmas music, dumped out our piles of candy, and ate just as much as we glued on.  Making snowmen out of marshmallows was fun too!

It's so fun to watch them be creative!  I actually had to finish Leila's.  She cared more about eating the candy than gluing it! 

I loved doing houses with them this year and I look forward to getting these Gingerboard Houses again next year! I hope you have a Merry Christmas! 


  1. What a craft work you left here on the occasion of Merry Christmas! The ginger board houses looks really so so colorful and stunning. I appreciate your little kids to their creative exploration. They both also look so sweet. Much appreciation for sharing it for us. Our kids also might love this. Oh, what about bedding items in the house? Surely you kids have thought of keeping comforter or duvet, Embroidery duvet covers, gorgeous pillows for fun sweet sleep in you tiny house-lol. Love you all.

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