Upbra Review

I don't usually do product reviews but when I try out something I like I'd like to share it with you guys.  I hate bra shopping.  I usually end up in a dressing room with a pile of bras that don't fit me right and I have to awkwardly tell the dressing room lady that I need another size.  Upbra, on the other hand, was a really positive experience for me.  All I did was click what I wanted and it showed up at my door.

I'm always impressed when companies take the time to wrap and present their products like a gift when it comes in the mail.  My Upbra bras came in a nice box and wrapped in pretty tissue paper. 

Each bra came with a sticker on the back with the email and phone number of someone who could help me if the bra didn't fit right.  The first time I ordered it was the wrong size and I had no problem sending them back and getting the right size.

The bras also came with a handy booklet that shows you the different ways you can wear your straps.

The booklet also comes with a guide with pictures to figure out if the bra fits you right.  It also has a chart that will tell you what size to try if the one you have doesn't fit.

What's really unique about Upbra bras is that you can adjust how much of a push up bra it is.  There are straps at the bottom that you fit into the little pockets to adjust how much cleavage you want. Click HERE to see a video on how it works.

 What I noticed most about wearing this bra was that I felt more supported.  The bra I had before was very loose fitting and flimsy but with the Upbra bra I feel like I have more lift and I'm held together more.  It's great for girls like me that are smaller chested.  I definitely feel more busty in this bra.  If you'd like to try something new, give Upbra a try!

I recieved these products free of charge for the purpose of this review.
This has in no way affected my opinion. 


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