Coordinates Sign and Gallery Wall

 Isn't it funny how a certain place can hold a special place in your heart?  Something amazing happened in that spot and then all of a sudden that place becomes special and you can't help feeling it's magic every time your there.  For me, that place was the temple where I was married and I wanted to make something crafty to remind myself of that place every time I look at it.

I decided to do a smaller version of what Ashley from Little Glass Jar did HERE.  First, I looked up the place I wanted the coordinates for at  Then I found a board from my husband's pile of scraps and stained it with Minwax Early American. 

I typed the coordinates in a word document and I used the font Modern No. 20.  Than I printed it out and cut the numbers into strips and rubbed chalk on the back of the paper.  After I taped the paper to the board, I traced the numbers with a pen so that the chalk would leave a faint outline on the wood.  When I had all my numbers outlined, I painted the numbers white.  I hammered a sawtooth hanger like this one HERE to the back and then had my husband hang it on the wall.

Gallery walls are intimidating for me.  My husband sits there and taps his foot when I'm trying to hang a picture because I can never decide where to put it.  I did finally learn a cool tip for hanging a gallery wall that did make things easier.  I traced all my frames onto newspaper and cut them out and taped the newspaper cut outs on the wall so I could see how it would look. 

I'm sure I'll add to it and eventually want to move things around, but for now I think it looks pretty good! 

I love when gallery walls aren't just pictures but are other things too and I think my sign does a good job of breaking it up a little.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey Emmie! This is a fantastic idea! My husband and I met in my home town Adelaide and now we live in SLC where he's from & I think I'd like to make a sign like this with Adelaide's coordinates! (We also named our first daughter Adelaide too so perhaps it can be in her room!)
    I also love your proclamation! Did you design it yourself? How can I get it???

  2. Thank you Nicole! Wow Adelaide is such a beautiful name!! Yes I did design that proclamation.. I’ve been meaning to put it in my Etsy shop! If you’d really like it now.. shoot me an email and we could figure out a PayPal arrangement. Thanks!