DIY Hanging Felt Flowers

I finally finished my hanging flowers project for my daughters' room!  It turned out just like I hoped it would!  It wasn't a hard project but it was a little time consuming to cut out all the pieces.  It was totally worth it though!  I love the little shower of flowers it makes behind my baby's crib.  

This project was inspired by a flower mobile I saw on   I decided to hang my flowers from a branch and I drew my own flower pattern.  My husband thought I was a crazy person when he saw me digging through my dad's pile of tree clippings haha.

 I love working with felt!  It's so cheap and if you use your imagination you really can make anything.  Take a look at all the different felt flowers on Pinterest and you'll be amazed!

This has got to be one of my favorite projects ever!  So cheap and easy and it has already changed the feel of her room!  If you follow along with me, I'll share my template and my step by step instructions on how I put this together soon!  Thanks for stopping by friends!

See the "How To" and the template for this project HERE. 

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