DIY 5 Minute Wreath

 Don't you love wreaths?  I want like 20 of them throughout my house.  I think every room needs a little bit of greenery and wreaths are so popular now.  They're not just on front doors these days.  They are on coat racks, mirrors, chalkboards, mantles, and window frames.  I love it!  Some wreaths can get really pricey though and I want to show you how I made these easy wreath in about 5 minutes!  All you need is a wreath and some fake greenery.  I got my wreath and greenery at Hobby Lobby (my favorite store).  I went when the wreath and the greenery were 50% off! If you don't know about Hobby Lobby, everything in the store goes on sale in a rotation.  If the wreaths aren't on sale one week, check the next week and they might be on sale!  Plus if you google "Hobby Lobby Coupon" there is a 40% off one item coupon that you can use every time you go!  OK enough about that... let's make this wreath!

 All I did to make this wreath was bend my flower stems and tuck them in.   I made all my flowers point the same direction counter clockwise around the wreath and I overlapped them a bit so the stems wouldn't show.

Really complicated right?  I didn't use any glue or wire to keep the flowers in place because they stayed really great on their own and I figure this way if I want to change out the flowers all I have to do is pull them out!

Doesn't get any easier than that!  Happy Saturday! 

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