DIY Waterless Snow Globes

I don't know about you, but as soon as I saw DIY snow globes on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to try it.  So I found these cute jars with the red lids and little trees in the Target dollar spot (my happy place) and read a few blog posts about how to make your own and I attempted it......annnnnddd failed.  It said to use a waterproof glue for the trees so I used E6000 glue but I must not have waited long enough because after a few shakes, the trees came loose and were floating around in the water.  On top of that, the water started leaking from the lid and I knew this was just not going to work.  I wanted something I could keep and get out every Christmas and with two littles, this water filled time bomb was just an accident waiting to happen.  So I gave up and came up with something much more realistic.

Most of the snow globes on Pinterest have the trees glued on the inside of the lid, but I loved the red lid so much that I wanted it to stay upright and decided to glue the trees to the bottom of the jar instead.  I put a dab of E6000 glue on the bottom of the tree and used my husband's pliers to pinch the top of the tree and lower it and press it against the bottom of the jar (sorry I forgot to take pictures of this part!) I left them alone for a couple days just to be sure that the glue was dry.

 I found the fake snow at Hobby Lobby and the glitter was from my mom's house but I bet you can find chunky glitter anywhere (you can see chunky glitter better than fine glitter).  Another great thing about going waterless was I trusted my 3 year old to help me with it and she was so excited.  First we poured in the snow and then the glitter and then we shook it around a bit.  That's it! 

I love the way it looks in my hutch with all my dishes and I love that I can store these cute jars and get them out every year without worrying that they have broken and drenched my stuff.

 If you already have the glue, this project is less than $10 to put together!  Not bad at all, right?  Hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

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