Hutch Makeover

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll know that I started painting the hutch in my kitchen.  The only other time I painted furniture was my bookshelf and I was nervous to tackle an even bigger project.  I didn't plan on distressing the hutch either which was hard because sanding off any mistakes and calling it distressed was SO much easier.  But just because you've never done something doesn't mean you can't, right?  Here's the before picture of my hutch.  I fell in love with her pretty embellished top and her straight lines.  She was a little plain before but now she's a knockout!

 First, I primed it with Rust-Oleum Cover Stain Primer (see HERE).  I primed because I wanted to be sure the dark knots wouldn't show through.  When that was done, I headed on over to Home Depot and then I wandered the aisles thinking where are all the paint colors???  Until I realized that you are supposed to pick a paint sample from the wall and they mix it for you (Oooooohhhh.... see I told you I'm a newbie!)  I picked Behr paint in Hazelnut Cream because I wanted white but my new table has creamish colored legs (coming soon!!) and I wanted them to match somewhat.  I changed out the knobs for these pretty bronze ones from Hobby Lobby.  I went when they were 50% off so they were about $3.50 a piece.

I'm so happy with how it turned out!  It took me a week (not an exaggeration) only because I could only paint during that magical time when both my babies are asleep and I could only keep painting until one of them woke up.  I picked up this helpful little tip so that my paint wouldn't dry and harden on the paintbrush when I had to rush back inside to take care of my babies.  Wrap your brush with tin foil and then put in a grocery bag and tie it.  That way your paintbrush will still be wet and ready to use when you come back.  You should also put your paint tray in a garbage bag and tie it tight so that it will keep from hardening.

  My dad tried to tell me how frustrating painting is but I actually found it quite soothing.  When you're chasing after a crawling 8 month old and a three year old all day, an hour or two alone in my quiet garage with a paint brush was actually relaxing.  Obviously, there are a lot of little mistakes when you look closely but I've come to embrace them.  Nothing is perfect and that's part of it's charm. 

I'm already having so much fun decorating these shelves!  The twig pumpkin is from a local store called Graples but the other two pumpkins and the cute Halloween sign are from the Target dollarspot!  I swear, I go more for the dollarspot than anything else these days!  I'm addicted!  Thanks for checking out my hutch makeover! 
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