Adventure Baby Shower

My beautiful sister is pregnant with twin boys!  I grew up with two sisters and no brothers and let's just say there was a lot of estrogen at our house.  These little babes will be the first boys in my family!  We are so excited to meet the little guys.  This last week I went down to Utah to throw her a baby shower.  My sister and her husband love the outdoors and to hike and camp so I thought it would be fun to do an 'Adventure' theme baby shower.

I put together this Adventure theme invitation to send out to our guests.

We kept things simple and just did cheese and crackers, fruit, and cupcakes for our guests.

My favorite were the cupcakes.  My sister's sister in law made them and they were amazing.  Chocolate with chocolate chunks, a graham cracker bottom, and marshmallow frosting. Yum!

I love the wood slices.  My mom grabbed a couple from World Market and Target and I picked up a couple from Michael's.

Our favors turned out so cute!  We picked up some individual Trail Mix packets from Costco and put them in cone shaped cellophane bags from Zurchers.  I put together a 'Happy Trails" tag and we tied it together with some string.   If you like my tag, you can print some off for yourself HERE

Aren't the pencils perfect?  They are from World Market.  We used them for the little game I put together.  It's a "Name that Baby Animal" game with a bunch of woodsy animals.  You can print it off HERE. 

We had a great time getting together with friends and celebrating my sister and her new adventure! Happy Trails!

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Also, I just opened my brand spanking new Etsy shop and this little print I created would look so cute with an outdoorsy baby shower.  See it HERE


  1. Love it! Where did you find your invites from?

    1. Thank you! I made the invites in picmonkey with some graphics and fonts that I have. I'm opening my etsy shop soon and I'm thinking I will add these invites to the list! Follow me on Facebook or Instagram for updates! Thanks!

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