Sea Shell Collection

This post received a lot of love when it was a guest post on Ella Claire Inspired and I must say, it may be my favorite project I've done so far!  I created this print because I really love old encyclopedia-like pictures and I wanted one of sea shells for my bathroom.  I found all the sea shell graphics at  The Graphics Fairy has such an amazing collection of prints and graphics and I was so excited to find the perfect shells for my project.

After I found my seashells and the perfect time-worn paper background, I headed on over to Photoshop to get started.  But just putting the seashells on the page wasn't good enough.  I wanted it to look like a real journal with notes about each shell scribbled on the page.  I felt like I was doing a school project again when I was doing all this research on different shells!  It might sound like boring work, but learning about shells was actually really interesting!  I had to make a couple educated guesses as to what a couple of the shells were called, but based on the pictures I sorted through, I think it is pretty accurate!  Every shell is beautiful and different and has its own story.  I intentionally found a font that looks like a messy cursive but I think it is still legible enough to read the notes I made.

The print was made specifically to be a 16x20.  Anything bigger or smaller than that and you'll have to crop or deal with resolution issues.   I printed mine at Costco and added a 1/2 inch border to it.  I added the border because I had a pretty chunky frame and I didn't want any of the writing to be cut off. 

I love that I can hang this in my entry way during the summer and now that summer is almost over, it will have a place in my bathroom in the winter!   Hope you can find a place for it in your home too!

Download and print it HERE. 

This post was originally published at Ella Claire on May 14th 


  1. Thank you, my grandaughter will love the picture.

  2. Boy, you did all the work and I am so happy!!!! Thank you, thank you.

  3. This is beautiful--a true labor of love. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Hello and Thank you for this great printable...

  5. I love seashells Thank you for sharing!!!

  6. Just what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing this!

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  8. Soo beautiful!!! thank you for sharing!!
    Is it too much to ask which font you used?? It is breathtaking!

    1. Thank you so much! The font is called Jane Austin!

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