DIY Rustic Magnets

I've been really stuck the last couple weeks.  For some reason, I was just not getting very much done.  In an attempt to get myself going again, I'm sharing with you these cute DIY magnets.  Did you see my woodland valentines I drew this year?  If you didn't, see them HERE.  I decided these little critters needed to be used again cause they were just too cute to only use once.

My husband brought home these little wood circles for a scouts project he was in charge of and when he brought me a handful of extras I had this great idea to turn them into wood magnets!  He found them for pretty cheap at Walmart with the craft supplies.

First, you'll want to print off my page of animals.  You can find it HERE. 

Turn over your critter and cover the whole thing in pencil. 

Then use a pen and trace the outline of the animal.  Press down hard or you won't see it when you're done. 

When you're done it should look like this. 

OK, here's the part you may need husband supervision (or at least I did).  My husband has a couple soldering irons and after much pleading (and OK nagging), I got him to show me how to do it.  It's really easy.  Just go slow and I found it worked best when you drag it behind you rather than pushing it forward (if that makes sense).  I'm a bit accident-prone, so if I can walk away burn free than I know you can ;)

I also burned the edges to really give it that rustic look.  OK, OK, I'll admit I accidentally marked one of them and burned the edges to hide it, but it was a happy accident because I love the look of the burned edges!

Now all you need to do is find some old ugly magnets and hot glue them to the back!  Pretty easy right? Or just cover them with some lacquer to turn them into cute coasters!  If you want to decorate your fridge even further, check out my Free printable grocery list  HERE.   Happy Friday!


  1. These are super cute. They would make great coasters. Thanks for sharing at The Creative Circle. Hope to see you again this week.