Easy Coasters

 I really wanted my own coasters but couldn't find any that I liked.  I have little pops of turquoise (my favorite color!) in my living room and I wanted the coasters to fit my decor.  After a while I gave up looking for coasters in the store and decided I wanted to do it myself.  That's more fun anyway.  I made these coasters and it was EXTREMELY easy. 

 You will need...

1. Tiles
2. Mod Podge
3. Scrapbook paper

I found these tiles at the Dollar Store.  I like them because they already have a cork back on them.  I go to Hobby Lobby for my Scrapbook paper.  They have a big selection and each sheet is less than a dollar.  I decided to do 4 coasters and I had a lot of paper left over.  I grabbed two different sheets because I wanted to have two different patterns.

First, place the tiles on your scrapbook paper and trace around them and cut out your squares.  Get out your Mod Podge and a brush and cover the entire surface of the tile.  Lay the scrapbook paper on the tile and smooth it out so there are no bubbles.  When it is dry, cover the entire surface of the scrapbook paper with Mod Podge.  This will protect the paper from rings and water damage.  Give your coasters two more coats of Mod Podge and you're done!  You now have your own personal coasters! Easy peasy.

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