Camping Trip

Camping is the best, especially with my family.  I look forward to it every year.  That doesn't mean our camping trips always go perfectly...sometimes it rains, or it's cold, or I get sunburned and bit,...(and using a porta potty for four days has it's own kind of horror....don't look in the hole...don't look in the hole!)  but it doesn't matter because every year I come back with fun family memories that I wouldn't change for anything.  This year we almost threw in the towel because we got there and all our favorite camp sites by the water were taken and all that was left was a tiny site that was a walk away from the lake.  We decided to take it anyway and I'm so glad we did.  I was so excited to take Lucy camping this year... and no, it wasn't her first camping trip.  We were crazy last year and took her camping when she was two months old.  This year she was 13 months and so much more fun.

I think right after I took this picture, she fell out of her little chair and got a face full of dirt.  Poor girl, but she sure looked cute sitting in her chair like a big girl! 

The best part about camping is sitting on the beach.  Ok, it's not exactly like sitting by the ocean but it's still peaceful and I got a great tan. 

My mom got these dog beds for Ranger and Zoey because they are always trying to climb up on the camp chairs to get out of the dirt.  Turns out, it was a greater hit with Lucy than with the dogs!  It was perfect!  We could zip her up in there and she was out of the sand and could play with her toys.  We brought it with us to Roaring Springs for Lucy a week later and a woman asked my mom where she got it.  She had to explain it was actually for dogs! haha.

Our tradition is to drive to McCall one morning to go to the Pancake House for breakfast.  Lucy found a chair that was just her size. 

Lucy did so good in the boat.  After a while, it would always put her to sleep. 

Lucy was nervous about the water at first, but after a while she was splashing and playing with her shovel.

Can't wait till next year!

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