A very fun September

I can't believe how fast this month has gone.  Doesn't seem very long ago that we were moving in and now we've been here a whole month.  I guess it helps that Chase and I have both been busy with our school work.  I only have till November to get it done.  I guess the Smith procrastination curse caught up with me.  I should be taking my first test either this week or the next.  I am so not a math person but i'm getting it done.  Chase will be starting another class soon.  He's doing well and creating websites and whatnot.  All the "over my head stuff" comes so easy to him. 

The best part of the month was the weekend Lily and Hannah came to visit for the Women's Fitness Celebration.  If you haven't been or heard of Women's Fitness you're seriously missing out.  It's a 5k walk (or you can run if you're crazy like that) and it's a great excuse to get all the women in your life together to dance around and have a good time.  Seriously, try it.  You'll be glad you did.
Smith Girls
love these girls!

We also saw Les Miserables that weekend, which was spectacular by the way!  I still like Wicked the very best but Les Mis is a very close 2nd.  Couldn't get Chase to go but Lily's new boyfriend came. It was nice to meet him and get to know him. 


It was also Isabelle's 17th birthday (say what?!) that weekend..  We went to Cafe Ole' and embarrassed her.  Those sombrero's are awesome!

We went to Bella's high school football game to cheer on Brenden Elwood and to hang out with my parents and the Elwoods.  It's still weird to go back to my high school and think about how much different I was then (I probably like to think I've changed more than I have). Besides, anything is fun to watch when you have a plate of nachos.  Cheesy contentment!

getting him to smile is like pulling teeth i swear!

Sorry Dad, I couldn't help it.  that face is priceless!

This last weekend was Homecoming for Bella.  She looked so cute in her little black dress and Marilyn Monroe hairstyle. 

Moving Adventures

So... this is my first blog post ever.  I've seen a lot of cute blogs on facebook and I was jealous and had to have my own.   Just so you know, it took FOREVER to figure it out but i finally found something i'm happy with. Anyways, enough of that...

Last week was an important week for us.  We finally moved to Boise!  For a while I was worried we weren't going to find an apartment but we did and it's wonderful.  It's mucho bigger than our last place (ok little mucho not a lot mucho) and exactly what we were looking for.  It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a much bigger living room.  It even has a balcony! [there's nothing better than sitting on a balcony and reading a good book in my opinion].  The most exciting thing about our place is that it has a washer/dryer!!  No more collecting quarters for the Laundry Mat!! The only downside is we live somewhat close to a dairy and every once and a while we get a whiff of cow.  But really it is only once and a while, I promise! 

Here are a few pictures

Less cupboard space than our last place but it works.
yay balcony!

Look at all that space!  ignore the blank wall, still need to put pictures up

 I already have several ideas in my head for my apartment.  Chase laughs at my obsession with craft projects and DIY tutorials but honestly it keeps me entertained.  And i think it's more of trying to make a place into a home.  But everything costs money so progress is slow.  One baby step at a time i guess. 

I was worried that Chase would hate living in Boise.  He's kind of a small town boy.  Our apartment is kind of away from the bustle of Boise so I think he's adjusting well.  No more driving to guard every month and that's a definate plus.  We already miss his family though.  It was nice having them so close.  We'll have to visit there soon!

We're hoping that Boise will hold opportunities for us.  I'm trying to get into the MFA program for creative writing at Boise State and Chase has a couple of jobs he's going to apply for (fingers crossed!)  Hopefully, Boise is where we need to be.  We're taking your advice Cindy, we're going to do our best to just enjoy the journey!

Chase! Smile!


There we go!